Latest project:

Bad Luck, Ogre!– upcoming mobile horror game for Android / iOS

Meet the unluckiest ogre in the swamp! Each day, he wakes up to the dreaded spin of the “Wheel of Bad Luck,” determining the misfortune he’ll face for the next 24 hours. From tripping over his own feet to spontaneous floods, Ogre’s day is guaranteed to be a comedic disaster.

But that’s not all! As if his own clumsiness isn’t enough, mischievous monsters are constantly on the prowl, trying to steal his beloved kebab. Ogre must navigate his day, dodging his own bad luck and outsmarting the thieving fiends to protect his precious snack.

Bad Luck Ogre is a ragdoll physics comedy game filled with slapstick humor and chaotic fun. With each day bringing new challenges and hilarious mishaps, you’ll laugh along as Ogre stumbles, trips, and battles his way through his incredibly unfortunate life in this funny ragdoll comedy game.

Previous project:

The Mystery of Eigengrau– mobile horror game for Android / iOS

Delve into the Depths of Fear: Rigor Mortis Interactive & The Mystery of Eigengrau

Calling all mobile horror mavens! Are you tired of jump scares that fizzle on small screens? Craving a mobile horror experience that chills you to the bone, wherever you roam? Look no further than Rigor Mortis Interactive and our spine-tingling masterpiece, The Mystery of Eigengrau.

Mobile horror done right: Forget fleeting frights. The Mystery of Eigengrau delivers sustained, interactive terror that grips you from the start. This immersive escape room experience blends chilling mysteries with unsettling encounters, transforming your phone into a portal to a world of pure dread.

What horrors await in Eigengrau?

Desolate landscapes: Explore a hauntingly beautiful forest steeped in shadows, where every rustle and whisper fuels your fear.

Hidden object puzzles: Unravel chilling clues scattered throughout the environment, each discovery unlocking a piece of the terrifying truth.

Spine-tingling encounters: Brace yourself for face-to-face frights with the forest’s twisted inhabitants, testing your wit and courage in unique escape room challenges.

Dynamic world: Your actions shape the environment, creating an ever-evolving atmosphere of dread and anticipation.

Unravel the mystery: Piece together the chilling narrative, uncovering the horrifying secrets buried within Eigengrau.

But be warned: Eigengrau is not for the faint of heart.


A gripping narrative: A hauntingly beautiful tapestry of horror that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Immersive atmosphere: Prepare to be enveloped by unsettling visuals and bone-chilling sound design that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Intriguing puzzles: Challenge your mind with unique gameplay mechanics that seamlessly blend with the story, demanding both logic and courage.

Multiple endings: Your choices matter. Shape your escape and witness the horrifying consequences of your actions.

Ready to conquer your fears and discover the true depths of mobile horror?